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Magnesium and Blood Pressure - What You Need To Know?

In a meta-analysis, a group of researchers led by Dr. Yiqing Song, an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at Indiana University, USA looked at 34 studies having a combined total of more than 2,000 patients. 

As reported by LiveScience:

"The research team concluded after further analysis of the data that taking 300mg of magnesium supplements per day for a month could both lower blood pressure and result in higher magnesium levels in the blood."

The researchers wrote:

"Our findings support a causal anti-hypertensive effect of [magnesium] supplementation in adults."

The team added that the mechanisms for how magnesium lowers blood pressure "have been confirmed by laboratory studies." For example, magnesium helps prevent blood vessels from constricting, which can increase blood pressure; and it has been demonstrated to improve blood flow.

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